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^This meme here made me wanna dot this pic. Pinkie is rarely depicted as having a harem, usually just being a part of one, and just wanted to draw Bubble Berry with the Dazzlings all over him.

Why genderbend Pinki? Well, cause you could say Bubble Berry’s their…sugar daddy. :3 (I mean, Pinkie would be their sugar mama, so I guess I didn’t have to genderbend. Oh well, hindsight.)
suggestive (114821)artist:midday sun (82)adagio dazzle (11128)aria blaze (8626)pinkie pie (190753)sonata dusk (11929)human (132158)breasts (208346)bubble berry (1370)bunny suit (1922)clothes (361490)half r63 shipping (1487)harem (711)humanized (88498)pants (10060)polyamory (3970)rule 63 (23032)shipping (166657)shirt (17530)the dazzlings (3783)


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