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safe1587415 artist:fishimira320 pinkie pie204495 shining armor21714 twilight sparkle283958 twilight velvet3867 pony857532 unicorn274266 anthro233954 plantigrade anthro27969 3d65677 animated92927 anthro with ponies2343 behaving like a cat1968 behaving like a dog1280 clothes415158 context is for the weak891 cute181398 diapinkes8883 discussion in the comments692 eating8804 eyes closed81500 feeding1195 female1227868 floppy ears46605 food62263 gif28305 happy28060 hoodie12454 jumping3050 loop4919 male331047 mare427393 micro8323 mother and child1314 mother and daughter5158 mother and son2626 muffin6179 not salmon2114 outdoors8063 perfect loop1156 pizza box281 prone23630 sad22767 sadorable691 shining adorable512 shoes31068 size difference12386 sleeping21792 smiling218430 song in the comments220 source filmmaker40008 starbucks253 swallowing1783 sweater13216 tiny1076 tiny ponies1304 trash can760 tree28308 twiabetes10474 velvetbetes89 wat18459 what the actual hay?3


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Artist -

Horse Pussy <3
@Andy's Life
I honestly love all the detail. From the muffin bouncing off Velvet's face when Pinkie shoves it at her to Pinkie biting her lip. Every detail enhances the cuteness.

Also… how is this uncanny Valley? I'm very confused.

It's not uncanny Wally far fron it
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Bird?? Where??!
Damn the expressions on pinkie are wonderful.
The whole thing is a bit… odd, but I really gotta admire how natural pinkies movements feel.
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Background Pony #10C3
this is adorable, i have no reason why is this on the “not salmon” tags
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