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Goth Hippie Nerd Pony
I like to think Twilight felt so bad for being a mega bitch to Pinkie Pie in Trivial Pursuit,  
she had resolved to finally stop her ‘Twilighting’ problems for good.  
And I’m pleased to see she stayed true to letting go of that issue the very next episode.

@Background Pony #D0B5  
She’s shown many times through the series that she can handle stressful situations, even if she has a “process” (and notably she still uses the trick Cadance taught her). This is just her pointing out how she’s even better able to handle things than before.
And as also pointed out, she wasn’t really freaking out over the trivia quiz stuff, she was obsessing.
I’d say Twilight will likely always freak out a bit in certain situations, but probably for more minor stuff rather than serious stuff.

gee, its almost like freaking out over such a minor thing was what made her realize she cant freakout over bigger things
funny meme tho

If we’re talking about it seriously, she wasn’t even really freaking out in there as she correctly answered the questions. Animators draw her that only to show how obsessed she was for a trivial game.
Background Pony #F133
Yeah this one was obviously artificially developed character growth. They used her “freaking out” moments that happened like twice in the entire show and cranked it up to 500% in S9 episode 1-16 just to stop it in episode 17. And it wasn’t even a beleivable character growth. Twilight never gave any signals that she even want to rule Equestria so her calming down once and for all feel forced.