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suggestive132686 artist:anonymous1407 barley barrel189 pickle barrel160 pegasus257470 pony883997 rainbow roadtrip1388 /mlp/9275 4chan6632 barrel twins116 barrelcest20 beanie3348 bedroom eyes54846 blank flank7249 bonding86 brother279 brother and sister3811 clothes426216 colt13762 drawthread2290 duo52876 eyes closed84122 family4158 female1286531 filly61648 freckles26207 happy28820 hat79570 hoodie12802 implied foalcon1510 incest12751 jacket11370 kissing23057 logo3403 male343982 monochrome144888 one hoof raised962 open mouth129946 pencil drawing7478 shipping188396 shirt22427 sibling bonding62 siblings7129 sister317 sitting57525 straight127875 sweater13498 symbol368 t-shirt3964 tail22355 text53592 traditional art111294 twincest617 twins2054 wall of tags2654


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Background Pony #AC6A
@Scout Feather
Yes oh yes please do & please let thier be a lot of Twincest Foalcon Pregnancy/Inbreeding in it, i would love to read about The Barrel Twins Making More Barrels then please post the link to it here.
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Background Pony #AC6A
@Background Pony #8B4F
Not only is it cute, it is the cutest.

Yes it is indeed her frist kiss & it is also her Borther's first kiss too & their first kiss is to each other. She is shaking out of happiness, joy, suspension, excitement & just a little bit fear, nervousness & lust. It is her first time after all, but her Brother on the other hoof seems to just enjoy it for all that it is worth.

Oops, ok i understand, i am so sorry fo tagging it wrong.

But what if the foals in the foalcon picture used a condom?
Would it then be counted as "Safe" Foalcon? XD
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Background Pony #0B42
Awwww, cute….

Is it her first kiss? She seems to be shaking like a leaf on the wind.

P.S. Foalcon and safe is an oxymoron, something is either foalcon or safe, never both.

Foalcon: Short description: For images of underage characters in a sexual context (never belongs on safe).
Human/anthro underage porn isn't allowed.
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