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Archive on DeviantArt contains details for faces. That faces can be used in Game Character Hub, Adobe Photoshop, Paint.NET or other graphical editors.

You can made your pony with manes:
– Action Shot
– Aloe
– Ambrosia
– Amethyst Gleam
– Amethyst Star
– Apple Brown Betty
– Apple Cider
– Apple Cobbler
– Apple Dumpling
– Apple Fritter
– Apple Honey
– Applejack
– Apple Leaves
– Apple Rose
– Aunt Orange
– Beauty Brass
– Bella Brella
– Berry Shine
– Big Wig
– Blossomforth
– Blue Cutie
– Blue Nile
– Bon Bon
– Candy Apples
– Candy Mane
– Candy Twirl
– Carrot Top
– Charity Kindheart
– Cheerilee
– Cherry Jubilee
– Clouchaser
– Cloud Kicker
– Cloudy Quartz
– Coco Pommel
– Coral Shine
– Countess Coloratura
– Crystal War Pinkie Pie
– Crystal War Rainbow Dash
– Dainty Dove
– Dosie Dough
– Eclair Creme
– [OC] Faoxie
– Fleetfoot
– Fleur Dis Lee
– Flitter
– Fluttershy
– Junebug
– Lemon Hearts
– Lightning Bolt
– Lightning Dust
– Limestone Pie
– Lyra Heartstrings
– Mane Goodall
– Mane Iac
– Marble Pie
– Masquerade
– Maud Pie
– Ms. Harshwhinny
– Ms. Peachbottom
– Octavia
– Photo Finish
– Pinkie Pie
– Prim Hemline
– Princess Cadence
– Princess Celestia
– Princess Luna
– Radiant Hope
– Rainbow Dash
– Rarity
– Red Heart
– Sapphire Shores
– Scootaloo
– Spitfire
– Spoiled Rich
– Sunset Shimmer
– Suri Polomare
– Tree Hugger
– Trixie
– Twilight
– Twilight Velvet
– Upper Crust
– Vinyl_Scratch
– Wild Fire

—-- UPDATE 26 JUN 2019 --—

Added manes:
– Flutterbat
– Sweetie Belle
– Applebloom
– [OC] GoldenArrow……. owned by Chrysalis16
– [OC] Midnight…………. owned by Midnight Solace
– [OC] North…………….. owned by MikaMckeena
– [OC] Nye………………. owned by Nye
– [OC] Unknown Batpony owned by KrazyDashie
– [OC] Redstar Burst…… owned by Princess Lulu <3~
– [OC] SkyGamer………. owned by SkyGamer
– [OC] Pencil Pouch……. owned by ExplosionMare
– [OC] HeartStar……….. owned by Dewysartpage
– [OC] Azure Acrylic……. owned by rainbows2424
– [OC] PolarAxis………… owned by Sugar-Plum-Fable
– [OC] Joystick………….. owned by Sugar-Plum-Fable
– [OC] Starpop………….. owned by PrincessLuna1996
– [OC] Purple Heart…….. owned by Princess Lulu <3~
– [OC] Californium……… owned by Californium
– [OC] SweetPalette……. owned by Panda-Jenn
– [OC] Ezzy………………. owned by namyanomnom
– [OC] Crystal Daze…….. owned by Crystal Daze
– [OC] Turnaround……… owned by Sincere Spark
– [OC] Cosmic…………… owned by CosmicSpark

Added Details:
– Goat eyes
– Some details for hq palette faces


You can write your ideas or suggest characters (canon or oc) in comments bellow.
safe (1412616)artist:zeka10000 (142)idw (12683)aloe (2214)ambrosia (102)amethyst gleam (29)amethyst star (2049)ammie thyst (29)apple bloom (42732)apple brown betty (119)apple cider (character) (49)apple cobbler (272)apple dumpling (79)apple fritter (674)apple honey (112)applejack (146148)apple leaves (81)apple rose (262)apple tarty (112)aunt orange (333)beauty brass (440)bella brella (16)berry punch (5742)berryshine (5740)big wig (35)blossomforth (1278)blue cutie (23)blue nile (127)bon bon (14489)candy apples (189)candy mane (253)candy twirl (41)carrot top (4868)charity kindheart (26)cheerilee (8748)cherry jubilee (928)chickadee (799)cindy block (102)cloudchaser (3464)cloud kicker (1485)cloudy quartz (1046)coco pommel (5047)coloratura (2455)dainty dove (43)dane tee dove (10)dj pon-3 (26560)doctor fauna (417)dosie dough (9)eclair créme (153)fleetfoot (1735)fleur-de-lis (3000)flitter (2743)fluttershy (182148)golden harvest (4867)jangles (92)junebug (311)lemon hearts (1682)lightning bolt (748)lightning dust (3827)limestone pie (4288)long shot (19)lyra heartstrings (25898)mane-iac (1444)marble pie (5517)masquerade (213)maud pie (10967)ms. harshwhinny (2019)ms. peachbottom (799)nurse redheart (2943)octavia melody (20811)photo finish (2371)pinkie pie (187278)prim hemline (159)princess cadance (27823)princess celestia (82782)princess luna (87253)radiant hope (388)rainbow dash (201886)rarity (155935)sapphire shores (936)scootaloo (45902)sparkler (1900)spitfire (11923)spoiled rich (842)sunset shimmer (49881)suri polomare (1050)sweetie belle (43103)sweetie drops (14480)tree hugger (2424)trixie (55433)twilight sparkle (257391)twilight velvet (3361)upper crust (554)vinyl scratch (30654)white lightning (748)wild fire (880)oc (517735)oc:azure acrylic (9)oc:californium (1)oc:cosmic spark (11)oc:crystal daze (1)oc:ezzy (6)oc:faoxie (1)oc:golden arrow (3)oc:heart star (2)oc:joystick (31)oc:midnight (232)oc:north (6)oc:nye (1)oc:pencil pouch (1)oc:polar axis (2)oc:purple heart (4)oc:redstart burst (1)oc:sky gamer (24)oc:starpop (1)oc:sweet palette (5)oc:turnaround (1)alicorn (159738)alternate timeline (2429)base (646)bat ponified (1437)bat pony (35140)canon (329)closed eye (463)coral shine (2)countess coloratura (824)crystal war timeline (1236)ears (286)earth pony (143419)face (1432)faceset (2)flutterbat (5995)happy (23392)head (1538)mane (1234)mouth (432)open eyes (35)pegasus (183182)pinkie sad (853)pixel art (8005)question (949)race swap (10556)request (3230)resource (234)rpg maker (36)rpg maker mv (4)rpg maker vx ace (46)sad (20268)sprite (1898)sprite sheet (91)unicorn (197284)


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Background Pony #A3F2
It’s just my project where you can made faces of ponies with details in archive.
Even if your OC have mane as in original, you can recolor it and made your OC.
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