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safe (1397100)artist:1313jaysong1313 (33)oc (510877)oc:mistral violet (24)oc:solar shine (15)alicorn (156921)alicorn oc (17230)aura (576)cloud (27845)colored wings (3981)eyes closed (65393)female (728217)kissing (19505)levitation (8302)magic (55674)male (247916)multicolored wings (1667)oc x oc (10797)offspring (27882)offspring shipping (678)parent:princess cadance (1125)parent:shining armor (1000)parents:shiningcadance (696)parents:starburst (326)parent:starlight glimmer (967)parent:sunburst (666)pony (666254)shipping (159629)sky (9085)straight (106796)telekinesis (19854)unicorn (191760)wings (49746)


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