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safe (1426090)artist:1313jaysong1313 (35)oc (523774)oc:mistral violet (29)oc:solar shine (18)alicorn (162795)pony (694201)unicorn (202253)alicorn oc (17755)aura (607)cloud (28401)colored wings (4128)eyes closed (67777)female (757832)kissing (20006)levitation (8640)magic (57321)male (257113)mishine (11)multicolored wings (1729)oc x oc (11095)offspring (28703)offspring shipping (684)parent:princess cadance (1154)parent:shining armor (1022)parents:shiningcadance (709)parents:starburst (338)parent:starlight glimmer (965)parent:sunburst (688)shipping (164056)sky (9416)straight (109195)telekinesis (20632)wings (52696)


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