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Clip Studio Paint test (still using trial version though, can’t afford it right now)
safe (1425944)artist:hardbrony (104)oc (523696)oc:littlepip (3450)oc only (363209)bat (1468)pony (694125)unicorn (202214)zebra (13417)fallout equestria (13550)barrel (1226)big red button (35)fanfic (9559)fanfic art (11326)female (757747)floppy ears (41209)gritted teeth (9117)helmet (8052)hooves (14665)horn (25878)icbm (6)mare (333930)nuclear weapon (199)open mouth (103858)rocket (652)weapon (22750)zebra oc (1768)


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What what,
Reminds me Operation DOOMSDAY from Van Buran where you would have had to stop the Chinese from launching off the Last of their IBM’s at America
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