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Lyra visits Twilight’s castle to ask her about something. In the library, she spots the magic mirror to the Human World. Open and unsupervised. It would seem that this the chance of a lifetime. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

"What is going on here?!?"
"Lyra!?! What are- This is not what it looks like!"
"You turned all the humans into PONIES?? How could you do this? *Sniff!* How could you?"
"Lyra… I’m sorry! I just-"
"How could you take away my HAAANDS?!! *Sob!*"
"Uh… Sorry…"
"Is she okay?"
"I honestly don’t know…"

Poor Lyra ^^’
So yeah, I made a fourth follow-up to this ^^ I couldn’t help but include Lyra :D

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