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It would seem that not even the faculty is safe from Twilight’s spell. The principal and vice-principal get quite the ROYAL treatment.

"We are NOT amused by this, Twilight Sparkle. What you did was unbelievably reckless. All of our students and teachers are PONIES! Not to mention EVERYONE else!" 
"We’ve even heard that there are DRAGONS in the city. How are you two going to fix this problem?"
"I’m sorry…"
"We PROMISE we’ll solve this situation. Honest!"
"Look on the bright side! Not everyhuman is lucky to become princesses of the SUN and MOON!"
"I can control the moon? I wonder I could-"

Oh dear… xD
Just another follow-up idea from this I had to try ^^

As for why these versions of Celestia and Luna still are alicorns with their armor and crown..? Perhaps these two are closer to the princesses than we knew? Why else would there be mortal human versions when their pony counterparts are ageless?

Celestia did have the mirror in her possession for a quite a while. And there is a Mirror Pool close by…

Another reason is because I didn’t bother with re-editing their appearance ^^’

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