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I want to show a comparison of how far I have grown. I spent years and years drawing that one day that I would improve to the point where I would rework on the two fetish artworks that haunted me the most and merge them into one brand new drawing.
suggestive (109650)artist:bsalg93 (312)applejack (143945)fluttershy (179290)pinkie pie (184846)rainbow dash (199302)rarity (153320)twilight sparkle (253640)1000 hours in ms paint (4220)barefoot (21100)blushing (149385)breasts (195247)colored (14889)comparison (3566)couch (5739)draw this again (225)feet (28655)fetish (28495)foot fetish (5531)foot focus (1788)hat (61373)human (127474)humanized (87043)light skin (4474)mane six (25340)progress (234)quality (1110)redraw (1065)remastered (81)sitting (44440)smiling (176303)soles (2838)spread toes (63)table (6676)traditional art (94137)unamused (10676)


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