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I want to show a comparison of how far I have grown. I spent years and years drawing that one day that I would rework on the two fetish artworks that haunted me the most and merge them into one brand new drawing.
suggestive129077 artist:b-cacto346 applejack159856 fluttershy199207 pinkie pie204349 rainbow dash220550 rarity170638 twilight sparkle284321 human143691 1000 hours in ms paint4942 barefoot24560 blushing177425 breasts242260 colored17857 comparison3990 couch7163 draw this again247 feet34989 fetish35367 foot fetish6638 foot focus2204 hat77252 humanized94715 light skin4583 mane six29621 progress250 quality1288 redraw1496 remastered105 sitting55623 smiling217596 soles3590 spread toes140 table8285 traditional art110391 unamused13935


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