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natg day 20: pony working against the clock
Based on a true story
safe (1412918)artist:underpable (769)cozy glow (3826)mean twilight sparkle (484)queen chrysalis (28881)angry (19654)atg 2019 (708)changeling (31696)changeling queen (7512)female (746195)filly (49468)in trouble (2)long tongue (1478)newbie artist training grounds (4443)pegasus (183321)pony (677561)prehensile tongue (197)sketchbook (241)sweat (19563)sweating profusely (249)tongue out (74618)twilog (30)watch (975)


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Background Pony #65E4
Had a friend that paid an artist for a commission…
The artist never made the commission for 3 years.
Never be that artist.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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Go fsck yourself
Yeah, probably not a good idea to name a directory "Incriminating Evidence", either. XD

Seems to be a favorite way of doing things for stalkers, though! Kinda makes me miss Jay Leno’s "Stupid Criminals" bit.
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