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Canterlot High freshmen Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo each receive a private invitation to a special electric light show in the school gymnasium that Saturday at 12:30 pm. Thought they are a bit skeptical, they decide to attend anyways as they figure nothing bad could happen to them. And seeing as how none of them have any plans for the weekend and their older siblings are away at some kind of convention in the next town over, they figure it'll be a fun little thing to do together.

Saturday rolls around and the Crusaders arrive at the gymnasium at the appointed time and are greeted by the one who organized the event, deposed siren Adagio Dazzle, who assures the three girls that she and her sisters have reformed and that they organized this light show as a sign of peace. After ushering the girls to their seats and providing Scootaloo with a bucket of popcorn, the siren asks the girls to hand over their phones so they won't distract from the show. Once that is done, Adagio heads to her control panel near the stage and begins the light show, which involves several colored lights flashing and blinking right in front of the Crusaders' eyes while an unfamiliar yet alluring techno-song plays in the background. The song, however, is laced with several subliminal messages and suggestions, causing all three girls to slowly enter a mesmerized state of mind, their eyes dilating and their mouths hanging open. After five minutes of watching the lights and listening to the music, the Crusaders' minds are now erased and programmable, which Adagio takes as her cue to enter the second phase of her secret evil plan. Speaking into a microphone, Adagio tells the Crusaders that they are now mindless slaves who only exist to serve their mistress (i.e., her) and will help her take down The Rainbooms. Once the mind-controlled Crusaders agree to their new life of brainless servitude, Adagio takes the popcorn bucket from the hypnotized Scootaloo, tosses it in the trash, and orders her new minions to follow her to the Dazzlings' van out in the school parking lot. The fun part of her plan is about to begin….
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Editor & Rail Fan
It's a screencap from the show, I'll admit that. I just edited the eyes and added thought bubbles. I do that with a lot of my work as it's all I can do on the paint platform I use.