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Twilight would be proud of these two! They finally learned what friendship is all about!
Maybe next time, Tia will let Luna have her share too!
explicit410332 artist:nauth907 princess celestia104131 princess luna108287 alicorn269669 anthro309798 unguligrade anthro57314 ahegao29357 anal creampie10703 anus116548 breasts335879 busty princess celestia12035 busty princess luna8338 creampie37788 cum92198 female1578850 futa53976 futa on female13719 futa princess celestia3065 implied anal655 incest15689 moonbutt4189 nipples206674 nudity444431 open mouth193023 patreon14034 patreon reward2016 princest2473 royal sisters5507 shipping227142 siblings14335 sisters12539 sunbutt4950 tail61983 tail pull2505 tongue out126213 vulva157399


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Background Pony #911D
Clearly not opposite of most of you it seems given the not only series long preference for Princess Celestia in porn, but Nauth’s patrons in particular, especially over the last few months.
Background Pony #911D
It’s pretty clear the patrons are fellow bronies of quality and have no affinity for luna but adore Priness Celestia, so not only do I hope not, I very much doubt it.
Background Pony #911D
Can we get futa Preglestia raping a flaccid crying pregnant slave futa luna to the point of miscarriage?
Background Pony #DC9A
There needs to be a heavily Pregnant futa celestia getting sucked off by or getting a milky boobjob from a heavily pregnant Luna