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"Ooooh, you should change your attitude, smile a bit more." Feh, as if that's the only way to get a husband. This'll be just as effective. Now, where's that dress? I'm going to be late for the ball.

just wanted to draw a horse in lingerie :P Not at all inspired by longinius, nooooo sir.

Figured she'd be the type to wear it. Also gave her a name; Pearl Moon. Which is just the literal translation of the finnish name for the month of February. Should suit her frigid personality quite well. Also slightly adjusted her booty mark accordingly.
suggestive130739 artist:paskanaakka669 derpibooru exclusive24801 oc615839 oc only412207 oc:pearl moon7 pony868115 unicorn278399 bags under eyes1798 butt38310 choker9912 clothes419183 ear fluff24618 eyeshadow13730 female1271799 lingerie9675 makeup18635 mare431977 panties46648 plot72239 raised tail13730 simple background353905 stockings29287 tail21528 tail wrap5997 thigh highs29631 underwear56229


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