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An adorable curvy Twilight Sparkle in a night dress!
: Oww, good morning! I hope you had a good night?

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Digital painting by by / Light
safe1585444 artist:light262471 twilight sparkle284324 alicorn197446 pony853047 semi-anthro11084 adorasexy8167 babydoll233 bipedal30899 chest fluff32761 clothes412838 coffee3557 coffee mug1145 curvy5789 cute180096 ear fluff23733 female907378 hips2448 human shoulders895 looking at you145709 mare419487 mug3734 nightgown1302 panties46307 pretty688 purple underwear2015 sexy24337 solo979334 twiabetes10408 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115926 underwear55600


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why are you wearing that? why are you walking on two legs? why aren't you holding that with your horn? where? am i!? what did you do with twilight!?
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