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An adorable curvy Twilight Sparkle in a night dress!  
: Oww, good morning! I hope you had a good night?
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Digital painting by by / Light
safe1879912 artist:light262585 twilight sparkle322135 alicorn256826 pony1225855 semi-anthro17642 adorasexy10941 babydoll306 bipedal41213 chest fluff48589 clothes525743 coffee4327 coffee mug1546 curvy7765 cute222919 ear fluff38065 female1517614 hips3042 human shoulders971 looking at you199429 mare566913 mug5044 nightgown1620 panties54952 pretty820 purple underwear2272 sexy34741 solo1196195 twiabetes13191 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133554 underwear67271


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Background Pony #8C22
Good morning Twilight, I hope you a lot fun Flash last time and I sure you make him feel in Heaven!(Twilight Blush)
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why are you wearing that? why are you walking on two legs? why aren’t you holding that with your horn? where? am i!? what did you do with twilight!?