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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

twimac and pinkiemac are good ones. also soarinjack, which made total sense back when all we knew about soarin was his one scene loving applejack's sweet apple pie. and rumbloo is awesome. ♥ though with rumble's episode, it seemed like sweetie belle had more of a hate boner for him.

applespike is tricky, because there was a whole entire episode about applejack being uncomfortable around spike's advances. people like to pretend you're not allowed to ship once there are canon couples, but that's not what really kills shipping. what really kills it is when your ship is in the episode, and it does not work between them. applespike, trenderjack, rariblood, all quite… tricky to ship together. and flutterburn is eh… they're the same… color… sort of? I don't even care about those tryhard pony creator ocs in the middle.
Captain Unstoppable

@Background Pony #1B4F
Pies! The pies! Personally, I have always had a strong dislike of SoarinDash, it just feels lazy to me; but hey to each their own. I love the idea of Soarin and Applejack together, because it just seems cute. Can I give any other real reason why? Probably. Do I want to? Not really. Its cute. Then again, I just have a thing with shipping the Apples with flyers. MacDash, FlutterBurn, and SorinJack
Background Pony #FFF0
Can someone explain me why out of the whole Mane Six Applejack is the best alternative of Rainbow Dash for Soarin?
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Let's keep calm here...
1-1: Jossed by Sugar Belle.
1-2: He's just a minor. Creeeeepy.
2-1: Maybe.
2-2: Jossed by the Grim Reaper.
2-3: Jossed by Sugar Belle.
3-2: No, because that's AJ instead of Dashie.
3-3: Yes.

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@Background Pony #E018
Wow, easily the best way to show that you don't care at all. None of these are canon or even close to canon. Okay, maybe the rumble one, but I didn't watch his most recent episode because it stank too much to confirm.

Bearded Dialogue Master
Maybe, No, Maybe, NO! No, maybe and yes.

That my reaction to them all. None are my all time favorite but I could some of them happen under the right circumstances.