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Sweetie Belle- What are you going to do now?
Rain- Let’s find a way to get our cutie marks right crusanders?
Ally- For sure
Pear Bloom – Our marks are waiting for us.
safe (1430847)artist:staricy097 (17)sweetie belle (43845)oc (525955)oc:ally (6)oc:pear bloom (8)oc:rain (69)earth pony (148722)pegasus (188520)pony (699492)unicorn (203993)female (761440)filly (50623)offspring (28802)older (18613)parent:apple bloom (547)parent:button mash (249)parents:sweetiemash (226)parents:tenderbloom (142)parent:sweetie belle (476)parent:tender taps (152)


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