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My explicit Centaur Trixie pic, but she’s Trixiechidna instead :D
suggestive (112839)artist:badumsquish (1717)derpibooru exclusive (20250)trixie (55946)goo (958)lamia (1495)original species (18274)bedroom eyes (44292)breasts (202935)coils (739)female (757789)flirty (198)forest (7521)from behind (10395)happy (23780)lamiafied (147)looking at you (120099)looking back (41696)looking back at you (7483)monster girl (204)nudity (294104)semi-humanized (12)sideboob (7794)smiling (182673)solo (874210)solo female (154684)species swap (15742)trixiechidna (9)trixie lulamia (26)trixie's wagon (861)wings (52693)

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Background Pony #12A3
You could ask her to take you in through her tail maw, get passed all the way through her length to just before her torso, then fist her through her groin’s oriface from the inside-out, and she’d still consider that tame.
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@Dirty Bit

What’s the worst that could happen? :P

Technically it is :D

@Free Current

That’s what they said about Celestia. They’re growers, not showers :P
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
The only thing that’s leaving me concerned is that her wings are too small for proper lift to support her flying…
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Doot Doot
oh no no you got it all wrong
Look at her she is such a sweet gal all she wants is platonic cuddles and belly rubs and nose boops. She’s not gonna wrap you up and wring every last drop of jelly out you while furiously stuffing your love-holes full of trixcream with every part of her body… Right?…. RIGHT?!
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