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suggestive (112799)artist:longinius (515)applejack (147409)earth pony (147376)pony (688136)anatomically incorrect (3234)applejack's hat (3767)clothes (354585)covering (3333)cowboy hat (10422)dialogue (50483)female (756992)freckles (20431)garter belt (2861)garters (2183)hat (64481)heart (37757)human shoulders (681)incorrect leg anatomy (1627)jewelry (38794)lingerie (8383)looking at you (120048)mare (333778)necklace (12212)raised leg (5821)ratofdrawn's birthday (1)ribbon (5502)short neck (328)solo (873833)solo female (154627)spreading (13548)spread legs (14191)stockings (25304)talking to viewer (1479)thigh highs (23434)underhoof (41163)underwear (49529)

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