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You work at your own pace, yeppers, yeppers. For EqD ATG

Since i like them both lots, i put in PaperBagPony and ShinodaGE Apogee.
safe1587001 artist:chopsticks464 artist:krystalmark9 oc611631 oc:apogee808 oc:krystal mark12 oc:paper bag510 crystal pony4237 earth pony203200 pegasus244094 pony854652 comic:artist lament8 atg 2019731 braces1230 dialogue60926 drawing4051 female915675 filly59866 funny3688 glasses55416 mare420279 monochrome148168 newbie artist training grounds5703 panic837 paper3005 paper bag830 pencil3276 smoke2310 spitting200 text51678


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
So far I'm enjoying this artist OC, I've always enjoyed little blog style comic posts that kinda show slice of life from the artists themselves.
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