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Some pony porn I made in 2018 and didn’t upload to Derpi until now.
explicit (278901)artist:mrkat7214 (193)derpibooru exclusive (19888)pinkie pie (187349)rainbow dash (201997)absurd res (61056)balls (57183)blowjob (25306)blushing (151740)dark genitals (7932)eyes closed (66878)female (746813)female on futa (550)futa (36857)futa rainbow dash (2957)horsecock (50625)intersex (34580)nudity (291025)offscreen character (23638)oral (38895)penis (120070)pinkiedash (3037)pony (677985)sex (92522)shipping (162110)show accurate (7639)show accurate porn (4575)

not provided yet


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Pinkie is Best Princess
@Gay Space Raptor
Thanks for the feedback
I have cum version of this in mind.
Like I said in description, I made this in 2018, and uploaded to Derpi just yesterday, so some… mishaps in drawing happen. Unless it’s just Pinkie’s logic :P
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Gay Space Raptor
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Not actually gay
Feedback? Well, I’d say to add Rainbow cumming inside Pinkie’s mouth. Pinkie has a puffed up cheek but I feel like it’s there for no reason, it’d make more sense if she was holding the cum in her mouth to explain the puffed up cheek. Or you could have it be a bulge in her mouth in the shape of Rainbow’s D. But those are just my thoughts, otherwise great image! Always love more Futa Dash x Pinks.
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