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safe (1521082) artist:novaintellus (184) princess luna (91571) pony (795691) atg 2019 (712) female (845273) filly (56551) fireworks (1712) fuse (85) glowing horn (15379) horn (35831) magic (62466) match (91) monochrome (142246) newbie artist training grounds (4438) rocket (719) signature (17400) sketch (56766) solo (936079) telekinesis (23137) this will end in explosions (311) this will not end well (1233) tongue out (84769) woona (4856) younger (14847)


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Let the sunset shimmer
One day she is gonna burn her face off.
It's unpleasant but usually not too bad. My only scar is hidden by my eyelids.

It's actually the perfect way to remove all facial and nose hair.