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Recently I saw a mlp comic (IDW Publishing, #70), and to my big big big surprise, a scene shows that rainbow dash was afraid of thunder and lightning, and she griped Applejack neck……
Well, until now I can’t believe what had happened for I don’t think rainbow is that timid, and she should be familiar with this kind of cloud for she is always in the sky, but……, yes, I happily accept it, glad to see rd being afraid!
Then, I thought about Soarin’ s cutie mark. I had seen some fan fictions/ fan arts that give it an explanation of higher thunder tolerance, and maybe this is because his cutie mark had lightning and dark coulds. Again, I didn’t think this explanation make any sense because we all know electricity is dangerous and can kill ponies, but again I accept it, it is just cool.
So as a Soarindash fan I’d like to see a timid dash meets thunder tolerance Soarin (it starts to sound like nonsence lol). But, I had drawn illustration about Soarin flying with Rainbow on his back, so I decided to put them indoor this time.
The above are what made this illustration. ><

And the story is~~:

– Inside the Wonderbolts dormitory –

RD: The idiot that made this stupid weather should pray that I will never find him, I’ll definitely fire him!

S: If you are really scared, I can clear these clouds for you. (started to move)

RD: NO! (slightly plucked him)

S: Don’ worry, I will be back immediately.

RD: I said Nooooooooooooooo……No!

(She squealed for a swift clap of thunder and tried her best to clam down, with voice shaking.)

RD: Just stay.

S: Well……Okay. ♡I’m here~

Then Soarin stretched his wing and hold Rainbow Dash.

Hope you like it!

—-Copyright of mlp goes to Hasbro.—-
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Background Pony #0834
As if crapping on the supposedly brave character and making her afraid of everything to make jokes is anything new. Rainbow Dash suffered this a couple times and that’s what she is these days.
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