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Velvet and Cadance’s tongues danced a pipping hot duet across Shining’s cock, tracing his pulsing veins before meeting lips and entwining tongues once more, making oral love atop his throbbing stallionhood. Just as their dance reached a fevered pitch, a third tongue joined in seamlessly. The way the third tongue ducked and swirled gracefully in concert with the other two was a feat born of experience and familiarity. Twilight Sparkle had snuck in at some point, with her Master, Night Light, grinning widely in tow. The family patriarch had a camera in his hooves, obviously intent on capturing their annual family portrait. He couldn’t have come in at a better time.
explicit410303 alternate version66505 artist:manifest harmony420 princess cadance36369 shining armor25637 twilight sparkle330015 twilight velvet4986 alicorn269664 pony1295181 unicorn433552 fanfic:clocktower society315 afterglow1830 aftersex10869 anatomically correct29363 aroused1250 balls93612 balls on face380 bdsm8924 blowjob36973 body writing2419 bondage40291 branding371 bridle4269 brother and sister5428 clit piercing733 clit ring20 clitoris33958 cock worship3281 collar40602 creampie37788 cum92198 cutiemarking392 dripping6770 dripping cum4085 faceless male5675 female1578785 femsub12750 filthy dirty married sex673 gag17274 genital piercing2001 heart eyes22205 heart nostrils91 horsecock84534 husband and wife1900 incest15689 infidelity8293 just the tip1072 leaking2015 licking23848 licking cock6030 male450361 maledom6540 milf11415 mother and daughter6933 mother and son3524 multiple blowjob1650 nudity444403 offscreen character42856 oral56916 penis184212 penis on face1747 pet play4579 piercing52285 reins1122 ring gag1631 sex145931 shiningsparkle1668 shiningvelvet434 shipping227124 siblings14334 sisters-in-law1097 story included11056 straight157160 submissive20969 tack5992 tongue out126208 triple blowjob245 twibutt7161 twicest1493 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137284 twisub1047 vulva157385 wingding eyes29563


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