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Hey guys! Long time no see!!

Had the opportunity to do a collab with the AMAZING INCREDIBLE Daphne @paperwickart !!
She’s been my friend since we were teenagers <3
Please check her out on Instagram at PAPERWICKART!!
safe1589381 artist:ameliacostanza207 artist:paperwickart1 discord28962 fluttershy199606 butterfly6382 draconequus9284 pegasus244892 pony856466 amazed184 bust41747 butterfly on nose135 collaboration4891 cute180929 discoshy2540 discute1003 female933558 hooves together378 insect on nose283 looking at something2317 looking up14179 male310457 mare421237 open mouth125022 outdoors7809 shipping185697 shyabetes11747 smiling218550 sparkles3857 straight122850 tree27927


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