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Bet you didn’t see that one coming :P
explicit (278803)artist:badumsquish (1699)derpibooru exclusive (19878)prince hisan (67)sphinx (character) (683)bukkake (2538)covered in cum (77)cum (64054)cum bath (116)cum pony (10)excessive cum (2479)futa (36848)futa on male (1856)futa sphinx (71)goo pony (1575)goo pony bath (17)horsecock (50607)intersex (34579)low angle (1076)macro (8967)male (253023)nudity (290929)onahole (113)original species (18011)pegasus (183341)penetrable sex toy (288)penis (120034)pony (677617)scared (7683)sex toy (20317)shapeshifting (196)show accurate (7635)show accurate porn (4573)sphinx (1286)stallion (71259)

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@Background Pony #2C82
Like these?

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Background Pony #0736
I’m only going survive if this is for shits and giggles. There’s too many horrible implications. I’m so concerned
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@Background Pony #9380
What if, when a pony has been bathed in her spunk (and suitably played with), the sphinx then can make semen-clones of them? So next time he’s in this particular bathtub, he could have a little harem of Hisans to play with?
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