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Artist's comment:

Draw a pony under the weather / Draw a pony not feeling themselves.

Uploader's comment:
Check the artist's gallery for the full story — they're doing the atg as sequential art.
safe (1504045) artist:flutterluv (593) derpy hooves (47037) junebug (321) pinkie pie (196672) queen chrysalis (30817) silverstream (4825) starlight glimmer (40844) oc (568104) changeling (36425) changeling queen (9802) classical hippogriff (4161) earth pony (173392) hippogriff (7527) pegasus (213734) pony (781017) unicorn (234496) atg 2019 (712) banner (1784) clothes (382833) costume (23541) disguise (3562) disguised changeling (2070) female (828270) food (56135) food costume (55) male (282552) mare (376261) newbie artist training grounds (4433) pickle (152) pickle costume (4) ponyville (4671) sneezing (1341) stallion (82942)


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Yeah, I'm going to.. but I'm at work right now
I originally commented assuming that there were no higher res versions available and then edited my comment
These are Deviantart preview images and are very low res jpegs and they look terrible
It'd be nice to have the full res that's listed on the deviantart page but the Tumblr ones aren't bad