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I’m ready to release some of my official NG characters and OC families that reside in my ponyverse
After the family trees are finished i’ll make refs for each character with all the proper information

NG Family
Father- Mudbriar
Mother- Maud Pie 
Eldest Daughter- Amethyst Shimmer (Amy)
Youngest Daughter- Bramble Briar (BB)
Son- Charmed Jewel (CJ)

NG Characters ©
Mudbriar and Maud Pie © Hasbro
Head Base is a p2u by  fav.me/dcn1w5l fav.me/dbusyaq

, , are the only three allowed to use my characters no questions asked

You are NOT allowed to steal, copy,
trace, edit, etc. my character
Neither are you allowed to 
upload it anywhere (You tube, tumbler, etc.) at 
anytime for any reason without my 


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