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The Equestria Girls power-up theme!

First heard in "Forgotten Friendship", then again (albeit a very shortened version) in "Rollercoaster Of Friendship".
safe1586501 screencap203204 applejack159943 pinkie pie204506 rainbow dash220659 rarity170739 sci-twi22321 sunset shimmer58190 twilight sparkle284337 vignette valencia630 wallflower blush1635 equestria girls181773 equestria girls series28742 forgotten friendship4684 rollercoaster of friendship2227 absurd file size605 animated92511 comparison3990 geode of empathy2455 geode of shielding1659 geode of sugar bombs1487 geode of super speed1749 geode of super strength1548 geode of telekinesis2387 in the name of the moon i'll punish you4 in the name of the moon trope3 light 'er up ladies3 magical geodes6701 memory stone133 phone5199 ponied up4762 power-up130 scitwilicorn543 sound6905 super ponied up522 webm10366


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Pre-1932 US car fan
I found the power-up to be rather redundant in this scene. Sure, she was a villain, but until then the only EQG villain who didn’t appear in super form. Just a physically defenseless young girl.

Reasoning from a safe distance would have been a better solution.
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