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Commission for @imperfectxiii of their OC putting a blanket on sleeping Pinkie Pie. Posted with permission. Thank you! :)

As always, please don’t steal, copy, re-post, plagiarize, or otherwise use without permission.

Excuse me while I die from excessive happiness.
safe (1428949)artist:bevin brand (83)pinkie pie (189020)oc (525030)oc:copper plume (265)equestria girls (159655)apron (3224)blanket (4039)cake (7930)candy (5012)canon x oc (18709)chocolate (2514)clothes (355611)commission (40615)commissioner:imperfectxiii (274)cookie (2906)copperpie (243)female (759807)flour (233)food (51089)freckles (20518)glasses (46996)icing bag (95)knife (4158)lidded eyes (18683)lollipop (1961)male (257909)neckerchief (1163)obtrusive watermark (2192)official fan art (110)ponytail (13174)shirt (17177)simple background (290718)sleeping (19224)straight (109444)wafer (9)watermark (12566)


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