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Paint-Sketch during one of my streams.

My friends have taken to calling me "The Roomba," on occasion, due to my avatar of choice being a floaty drone.

Well, Ylpmis' character Non-Toxic wanted to catch a rid. And wouldn't you know it, that silly little mlemmer needed a ride from the middle 'o fuckin nowhere in a desert? How he got there beats me (he just follows the mlems!), but there was no transport available when I jumped universes over to where he was, so….

ONWARD, DESERT ROOMBA! The pony needs to catch aaaa riiiiiiiiiiiiiidde! _

It's going to take a while to get the sand out of my intakes.
safe1637367 artist:eqlipse133 oc641655 oc only426166 oc:non toxic359 monster pony3271 original species23093 pony902682 robot7392 tatzlpony1267 annoyed5266 desert1464 drone378 flight184 flying36116 funny3965 happy29438 male350395 painterly101 riding5113 silly7212 stallion100332


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