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The right words at just the right moments can magnify temptation and strip away a stallion’s defenses, little by little. Using speech and body language to elicit arousal, on a increasing basis, is the usual first step to seduction. The ritual is enjoyed immensely by the mares, who have a tendency to draw it out for the pleasure of watching their stallions’ resistance melt away.

Once a mare feels her prey is sufficiently weakened and she is ready to take him to the next step, it’s only a matter of time before the stallion is wearing a collar around his neck… and a craving for her dominance on his mind.

Inspired by Rarity’s interaction with the royal guards in Rarity Investigates (s5:e15).
safe (1429119)artist:evilenchantress (13)derpibooru exclusive (20318)doctor whooves (9530)roseluck (4317)time turner (9520)earth pony (148187)pony (697877)bedroom eyes (44362)doctorrose (68)female (759890)femdom (5800)gradient background (8993)heart eyes (11640)male (257960)mare (335116)seduction (187)shipping (164455)show accurate (7749)stallion (72970)straight (109450)wingding eyes (15968)

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