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SpringCoffee: This is like the Meme of the BuBBleTea but i think she in cheating XD
HD Version and original .psd file in patreon
suggestive129372 artist:miniferu1111 oc607016 oc:spring beauty653 alicorn198931 anthro232986 adorasexy8431 alicorn oc22626 blushing177313 breasts244889 bubble tea98 camera shot1125 cellphone2920 clothes413430 cute180551 erect nipples8847 female1163265 hands-free bubble tea challenge76 heart eyes14165 horn47149 meme78949 miniskirt4761 nipple outline6372 phone5279 selfie2835 sexy25089 side slit1247 skirt36035 skirt lift4500 smartphone1583 solo980261 stockings28882 thigh highs28972 wingding eyes19337 wings80666


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Prince Mainesly
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Alone and Proud 👌
@Ms. Bainling
It's not used to make it easier, it's just a trend man, like the bottle cap spin off or the spoon flip into the glass. i think it's kinda cute. it'll definitely catch my attention. you need to calm down. :p

i dont think it was ever meant to act as a different method to carrying something by women lol
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Ms. Bainling

Panis Yow
It's stupid, putting the cup in your breasts to making carrying it easier, it just shows that women can be lazier than men, and no one will bat an eye because it's sexy or cute or something.
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