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After putting their twin daughters down for a nap, Twilight "SciTwi" Shimmer (neé Sparkle) and her wife, Sunset check on them an hour later.
safe (1430709)artist:pabrony83 (43)oc (525902)oc:gleaming dusk (3)oc:solaria radiance (2)equestria girls (159912)babies (128)crib (411)death by cuteness (2)female (761279)implied lesbian (2533)implied scitwishimmer (155)implied shipping (3574)magical lesbian spawn (8449)nap (255)offspring (28799)parent:sci-twi (192)parents:scitwishimmer (167)parents:sunsetsparkle (322)parent:sunset shimmer (1173)parent:twilight sparkle (6211)shipping (164681)siblings (3764)sisters (5995)sleeping (19241)traditional art (96473)twins (1652)


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