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Background Pony #3E0C
Yeah, stallions are underrated in Equestria, mares always get the spotlight, even over a stallion that does all the hard work… Equestria gender bias, maybe.
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@Mr grump
In episode 17, the villain trio cause problems at the Summer Sun Celebration to make a distraction to get into the Canterlot library. Chrysalis convinces the unicorns who were supposed to do the fireworks show that unicorns were superior and too high and mighty for simple things like fireworks. At the end of the ep, the villains note "how easy it was to get those unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies to turn on one another". It would be interesting to see if what you’re saying pops up.
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Mr grump
Might be a good idea for an episode or two. Have a morally objectivist character show up who wants to put every reformed villain on trial. Make him a judge or the god of law or something. Have Twilight step up as their defence attourney and have her explain her methods and the invisual reasons she gave each of these characters, including Discord and Luna, a second chance.

Hmmm. Perhaps the comics could do something like that.
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Mr grump
@Background Pony #A6C7
Cozy glow got what she deserved. But it’s bad optics for the equestrian legal system to hold a child to account while at the same time completely pardoning and rewarding several adults just as guilty as she was.

A little consistency. All it would take is one character to notice every pony Twilight Pardons is a unicorn and there would be uncomfortable questions to be asked.
Background Pony #A6C7
@Mr grump
Cozy Glow has already admitted she would do it again if given a chance. A normal prison wouldn’t do because look at the Joker. He keeps getting out and keeps killing and killing.

It makes sense to put Cozy in a pretty much inescapable prison like Tartarus. Otherwise you have a Joker situation where she tries to destroy/take over the world again and again. The heroes have to always win in that case. Cozy only has to succeed once.
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Background Pony #A6C7
@Background Pony #A6C7
Plus, they were all willing to leArn from their mistakes and feel guilt and remorse over it.

Cozy’s only sorry she didn’t get away with it and would do it again if given half a chance
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Downvote Addict
If you want to risk a less likable character, Neighsay might fit with this group. He’d love a unicorns only club.
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