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The Cakes appear in one of the Foal Free Press gossip columns in Ponyville Confidential; a snapshot is shown of them holding their foals with the headline "Pound and Pumpkin Cake, Trip to the Store Ends in Tears".
safe1586277 screencap202769 carrot cake2031 cup cake3766 pound cake2385 pumpkin cake2156 earth pony202698 pegasus243544 pony853601 unicorn270280 ponyville confidential892 baby9052 baby pony6166 beard3263 colt13411 crying40442 cute180165 cutie mark41366 facial hair5053 female907618 filly59952 foal14968 freckles25594 gossip65 holding a pony2589 jewelry51807 jewelry store18 male308441 mare419761 messy tail204 ouch952 parenting42 poundabetes68 pumpkinbetes56 sad22858 spoiled brats2 stallion93888 store340 stressed207


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