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When second half of the last season is leaking…
safe (1446464)screencap (178284)discord (27016)princess celestia (84451)princess luna (88757)twilight sparkle (263673)alicorn (167753)draconequus (6543)the summer sun setback (608)spoiler:s09e17 (608)animated (85680)annoyed (4403)canterlot (4047)celestia is not amused (346)crown (11207)ethereal mane (4863)female (775927)floating (2999)flowing mane (582)folded wings (3320)jewelry (40277)lidded eyes (19485)luna is not amused (35)mare (345194)night (19814)regalia (12858)sound (5127)thunder (159)twilight is not amused (941)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104153)unamused (11533)webm (7663)wings (54791)

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