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Bastard, non-consensual, designated demon son being a little bitch. Or really, defending himself because Oliver doesn't like him in the slightest and keeps yelling at him. Don't worry, it's just a nightmare, he'll be gone when you wake up.

I originally did this with long sleeves, which made no sense, so I revised it with short sleeves so it made sense. Still safe because zombies don't really feel pain like that, and indeed that is the least of his worries.
safe1588860 artist:lightningbolt824 derpibooru exclusive24646 oc612741 oc:demon hellspawn27 half-siren103 hybrid15566 pony856006 undead1423 zombie2109 zombie pony551 .svg available7511 angry24292 baby9082 bags under eyes1847 biting3360 blood22788 bloodshot eyes1189 bone2630 bored1388 bring me the horizon306 clothes414313 colored blood4 colored pupils8886 colt13439 curved horn5912 dripping blood58 drop dead clothing165 duo50081 fangs22404 fins830 fish tail296 floppy ears46876 horn44934 interspecies offspring6491 jewelry52078 lidded eyes26326 lip piercing974 magical gay spawn895 male309744 necklace15562 offspring34778 oliver sykes270 piercing35454 ponified38687 rainbow blood131 scales907 scar10573 shirt21571 simple background349652 sitting55818 slit eyes4119 stitches754 svg3185 t-shirt3714 tattoo4678 torn ear647 transparent background181105 vector71611 wristband3124


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