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Bastard, non-consensual, designated demon son being a little bitch. Or really, defending himself because Oliver doesn’t like him in the slightest and keeps yelling at him. Don’t worry, it’s just a nightmare, he’ll be gone when you wake up.

I originally did this with long sleeves, which made no sense, so I revised it with short sleeves so it made sense. Still safe because zombies don’t really feel pain like that, and indeed that is the least of his worries.
safe (1462887)artist:lightningbolt (709)derpibooru exclusive (21082)oc (542447)oc:demon hellspawn (13)half-siren (71)hybrid (12554)pony (727773)undead (888)zombie (1857)zombie pony (369)angry (20668)baby (7861)bags under eyes (1406)biting (2934)blood (20332)bloodshot eyes (1012)bone (2032)bored (1246)bring me the horizon (187)clothes (367564)colored blood (1)colored pupils (7732)colt (11796)curved horn (4868)dripping blood (33)drop dead clothing (125)duo (40898)fangs (18472)fins (621)fish tail (159)floppy ears (42375)horn (29136)interspecies offspring (5472)jewelry (41366)lidded eyes (20058)lip piercing (777)magical gay spawn (688)male (268384)necklace (12836)offspring (29599)oliver sykes (158)piercing (29437)ponified (35629)rainbow blood (99)scales (728)scar (8970)shirt (17909)simple background (300515)sitting (47718)slit eyes (3254)stitches (615)svg (2946).svg available (6892)tattoo (3911)torn ear (403)transparent background (156410)t-shirt (2849)vector (67799)wristband (2542)

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