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Commission for flippedoutkyrii, who wrote the story to go along with it, and the last of Daz from me, for the foreseeable future anyway. It's been a fun ride, and yes, Flipped, I'd say this is an excellent send-off. Cheers, all!


“We’re heeeere.” Tempest sighed, wincing at the bright neon that danced over the hood of her GSX, doing it’s best to reignite the migraine she thought she defeated earlier this afternoon. Turning to her companion, the Unicorn shrugged, noting how Twilight was still shaking to the rhythm of the mighty 455 V8, long after the ignition had been firmly switched off. Placing a hand on her companion’s shoulder to stop her quaking, Tempest smirked. “You wanted me to have some fun, right? Welp, time to show me this ‘fun’ you speak so highly of!” She finished her sentence with an overly exaggerated wink, hoping to calm Twilight's nerves.

“W-well I’m not exactly the go-to pony when it comes to ‘being lit’ or ‘getting krunk’ as the fillies say nowadays” Twilight started, bringing up her fingers to insinuate air-quotes. “-buuuut I am more then certified in having a fun evening with my friends! I may not be on the same wave-length as Pinkie Pie

“For that, I am eternally grateful.” Tempest interrupted with a hearty chuckle. “This ain’t rocket science. We go in there, we drink, we might even dance-”

“-We might even have fun, too!” Twilight smiled, pulling at her slinky black dress as she let out a delighted squeak. “I never get to wear this thing! I might even successfully break it in!”

“-You’re a true party animal.” Tempest coyly sneered. “Maybe one day you’ll upgrade your wardrobe to something on my spectrum.” Tempest snickered as she patted the lapels of her leather jacket. “You ain’t even gonna see me slink into one of those things!”

“-And a few day’s ago Grubber you said you’d never set foot in a club!” Twilight squealed, tugging on her friends arm with hearty enthusiasm. “You never know what you’ll find yourself doing a week from now! Come on! We might even get a good seat to get a true observation of Ponyville’s nightlife! Ooooh I can’t wait to review my experiences with online enthusiasts of the night scene! I hope my leg-to-dress ratio fits the proper etiquette of this establishment!”

“You’re carelessness may cost us a lot of fun with such displays of staunch debauchery.” Tempest winked at Twilight playfully, who chuckled away the jab at her intense self-scrutiny of her own wardrobe. “Let’s get crackin’, shall we?”

“Let’s!” Twilight chirped, undoing the multiple extra seatbelts before clambering out of the 50 year old muscle car, briefly leaving Tempest alone. Her smile wavering, Tempest sighed deeply as she studied the faces in the crowd and the ritzy establishment itself. Swearing under her breathe, Tempest swiftly placed the “Princess Twilight Sparkle’s Chauffeur” identification badge on the dashboard of her GSX before undoing her seatbelt.

“One drink… just one, measly drink. This is gonna hurt…” Tempest muttered, her smile slowly returning. “… but you can do this.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once upon a time, the establishment was a ritzy, high-end restaurant. The current venue appeared quite keen to shake the building down to it’s foundations. Highly skilled cellists were playing alongside archaic electronics, resulting in an odd mix of ear-splitting easy listening. Suffice to say, it did little to change her current disposition.

Tempest knew very well that the ponies of Equestria were a humble sort, a very forgive-forget type of folk. She knew they meant well, but considering how she could recognize quite a few of the clubs current inhabitants from lines of cramped cages, Tempest felt deep down she wasn’t worthy of their hasty forgiveness. The ponies that did give her a piece of her mind in the last few months were few and far between, but they gave her a respite she longed for.

A punishment of some kind for her cruel and selfish actions.

Twilight Sparkle was a beacon of light in the final moments of the Storm King’s short-lived reign, one that was worth sacrificing all Tempest had left. And with her crippling guilt and doubts of self-worth in a world where everypony so easily forgave her actions, Tempest admired the criticism Twilight had to offer, no matter how slight or large.

And for that ounce of discipline, Tempest was willing to do anything for such a ‘Friend’.

“YO OCTAVIA!! OCTY!!” Tempest winced as the shrill, drunken shriek of a familiar DJ pierced the musical crescendo, her pearly white coat eliminated by complex, labyrinthine patterns that glowed through her very shirt. Lit up like a Hearth’s Warming tree, it was no wonder she became a beacon on the dance floor as she waved at the cellist who tried in vain to concentrate on her work. “HEYO OCTO!! I’M GONNA GO DANCE WITH THIS EXOTIC ZEBRA CHICK!!” Tempest couldn’t help but smirk as she finally found Twilight in the crowd, currently performing what the ex-warlord could only describe as a chicken in the midst of an existential raging fit alongside a Zebra who despite wearing heavy stack-heeled boots, was dancing like she was barefoot. Twilight didn’t seem to mind one iota that she was woefully outmatched, or that some club-goers who were initially mesmerized by the Zebra’s quick-footwork recoiled in horror upon laying eye’s on the Princess of Friendship’s futile dancing attempts like they just watched a brutal car accident.

Tempest kept her distance, finding joy in Twilight’s ambition to enjoy anything new, even as her high-heeled shoes slipped and scuffed on the dancefloor.

“Wheew!” The Zebra exclaimed, panting heavily as she wiped the sweat from her brow with her forearm. “I could use a drink! For I must admit, I’ve employed every move but the kitchen sink!”

“Oh come ON, Zecora! It feels like I just got here!” Twilight cheered. “I’ve still got a few slick thrusts I could utilize in a safe and proper manner!”

“Well MAYBE we just gotta obtain a good pick-me-up! The body requires sustenance to keep the party rolling!” Vinyl proclaimed, striking a proud pose as she pointed to the bar-top on the other side of the dance floor.

“I doubt the nutritional value of most cocktails in this fine establishment contribute much to our required daily intake of-” Twilight started, bringing her finger to her bottom lip to ponder, only to be dragged along by Vinyl and Zecora, her shoe popping off in the process. “-Bu-but a nice drink would be quite refreshing regardless!”

Tempest rolled her eyes with a smirk on her face, knowing her favorite part of the night is coming right up!
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“Yo, so I got this wicked spell from a Canterlot Bowling alley, totally trustworthy place!” Vinyl proudly exclaimed as she flexed her enchanted tattooed bicep to Zecora and anypony who was in earshot, much to Tempest’s displeasure.

“You spent over a thousand bit’s on these shoes and you didn’t bother getting a pair that had straps?” Tempest inquired with venomous curiosity.

“W-well Rarity praised the fine craftspony ship of-” Twilight started, hobbling on one foot as her expensive shoe slipped back on thanks to Tempest’s best efforts.

“Doesn’t matter how well built they are, price doesn’t always mean practicality.” Tempest winked, making sure to pat her jacket lapels once more as she rose to her feet, eyeing the sheepish barkeep who frantically tried to keep up with the orders of the clubs many fine customers.

“Hey Octavia!” Vinyl yelped over the crowd. “OCTY!! OCTYPUS!!” YOU WANT ANYTHING WHILE I’M OVER HERE??” Tempest could just make out the Cellist frantically shook her head as sweat draped over her once elegant evening dress, most likely from having to put up with her Significant Other’s antics. “THE ZEBRA CHICK IS GETTING A BLUE LAGOON, IT LOOKS SO GOOOOOOOOD!!” Tempest flinched from the shrieking as two familiar drinks slinked across the bartop. Twilight’s spirits soared as she retrieved her Martini with two fingers while a ‘Singa’Pour Sling levitated over Tempest’s Old Fashioned much to the barkeeps sheepish displeasure. Casting aside the question as to why every name and every place in Equestria had to be some kind of lame dad-pun, Tempest retrieved her glass and clinked her glass with Twilight’s.

“To a good night? Or, to Science and Industry?” Tempest chirped, slinking back into her comfortable stool as Vinyl’s neon spell-tattoo’s glowed through her undershirt like a roman candle.

“How about to a long-lasting friendship?” Twilight piped up as streamers descended primarily into their manes.

A surefire sign that Pinkie Pie was near.

Sighing briefly, Tempest put on her best smile and took a hearty sip from her whiskey, taking notes of the delicious orange peel that while sugary, had just the right flavor notes on par with the aged brew. Most certainly a last minute addition at the behest of Pinkie Pie. With a shrug, Tempest gave credit to when and where it was due.

“Hey Pinkie Pie, is it okay if we make a total fucking mess of your bartop? Too many eyes on the dance floor is throwing off our vibes!” Vinyl slurred as her Singa’Pour Sling hovered over her shoulder with the flick of her horn.

“A slight strafe from the center of attention would be most welcome, do not fret, we’d be most safe.” Zecora beamed with pride, her muscular abdomen gleaming with sweat.

“Jeez Louise, that sound’s awfully unprofessional to let something like that happen off the dance floor…” Pinkie Pie pondered aloud, much to her fellow bartender’s relief. “Good thing I don’t technically work here! Don’t worry, I’ll get you a stool!” Anxiety soon overcame the other Bartender, who desperately fought back tears as she shook her head and waved her hands away to no avail. “Oh cheer up and dry those tears, Marble, they're putting on a dangerous balancing act for us!" Tempest rolled her eyes. As much as she grew to love Equestria, she still firmly believed they needed to tone down on the carefree partying. Looking to her companion, the Unicorn could already see Twilight was showing the early signs of inebriation as she hobbled on her stool.
“After this, the two of us need to head back to the dance floor-” Twilight started, hiccuping between sips of her beverage.

“We just left the damn thing-”

“I know that, silly! I’m just saying when we go back, you could join in on the fun-!”

“But I can barely dance-”

“Neither can I!” Twilight chirped happily, swishing the olive in her glass around with glee. “That doesn’t stop me from trying!” Tempest couldn’t help but smirk at Twilight’s enthusiasm, taking a sip from her whiskey.

“I’ll mull it over another drink, the night is young after all.” Tempest declared, leaning back as the dancing duo on the bartop kicked over a drink, and then another.

“Yo, this dancefloor could use a few extra hands on deck!” Vinyl exclaimed, her platform boots grinding broken glass under her treads. “Come on up, you two!”

“Fight off that gloom and take my hand, there is plenty of room!” Zecora giggled as she extended her hand to Tempest, her cheeks as rosy as the Singa’Pour Sling her dance-partner practically jettisoned out of the bar.

“W-well, if you insist!” Twilight piped up, replacing her Martini with a fresh glass on behalf of Pinkie Pie. It became abundantly clear to Tempest to Twilight’s rational thought has taken a few broadsides thanks to the couple of drinks she pounded back in just the last few minutes. Flapping her wings happily, Twilight lifted herself out of her seat as she took Zecora’s hand, offering a drunken shrug and a face that simply read ‘Gotta go with the flow!’ to her firmly seated yet currently-drinking designated driver.

“Stop cowering in the corner, Marble! It’s just Twilight, who also happens to be the Princess of Friendship! We’re either five seconds away from a marvel of a show or a multimillion bit lawsuit! Isn’t this exciting! I know I’m excited!” Pinkie Pie cheered to the heavens as the three mares danced like they wanted to. Tempest knew this was stupid, but something inside her couldn’t help but chortle at the display of drunken hi-jinks. As much as she did not enjoy participating in tonight’s antics, the spectacle wasn’t lost on her. In reality, the only reason she bothered driving to this club tonight was for Twilight herself.

Or more specifically, so she could enjoy herself.

“What exactly do you call that particular dance move, Twilight?” Pinkie Pie piped up, observing the Princess of Friendship’s bodily movements with inquisitive intrigue.

“I’m not too sure, if you have a clue, Pinkie, I’d like to know!” Twilight giggled as she thrust her hips in every direction, her vocabulary still sharp despite her slight drunken slur patterns. “Hey, Tempest! Maybe if you joined us up here, you could help us find the name of this obscure ritualistic thrusting yourself!”

“I believe I’m fine right where I am.”

“Don’t be such a worry wart, yo! Dancing on a bartop couldn’t be any harder then Conquering Canterlot!”

“That’s something I wouldn’t want to bring up in a club, Vinyl-”

“Come and join us, Tempest! A dour mood can change on the flip of a coin!”

“What gave you the impression that I’m in a bad mood?”

“The Leather jacket is a good indicator!” Twilight cooed, her new drink already significantly drained of essential alcohol. “Come on up, Tempest! You can’t spend the whole-” Twilight choked on her words as her heel slipped out from under her as she flapped her wings to no avail. Thinking quick and acting faster as onlookers gasped in terror, Tempest rose to her feet and caught Twilight with both open arms in the nick of time.

“Like I said.” Tempest started, passing a smirk to Twilight, whose cheeks turned the deepest shade of the red the Unicorn had ever seen. “I’m perfectly fine down here.” Tempest winked, lifting Twilight’s spirits as her next thought went to finding where her expensive shoe went to now. “How about a round of big glasses of water for all of us? On me of course!” Marble Pie put on a genuine smile for the first time all night, shushing Pinkie Pie from admitting that glasses of water were free to avoid disappointing the drunken praise coming from the rowdy bartop dancers.