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This took WAAY too much compositing to get right. Also, I'm more pleased than I should be about the custom sequined dress shader that I put together for this.
Unsurprisingly, I'm going to do Scootaloo next. I haven't been making as much art progress as I'd link lately, though.

And of course, the usual linkspam… As always, (too many) other places to find my stuff are:
safe1587016 artist:stellarator315 sweetie belle46841 anthro233350 unguligrade anthro43405 unicorn270606 3d63850 armpits41652 blender4880 breasts242663 cleavage30976 clothes413637 cycles509 dress39927 equestria girls outfit2337 evening gown23 eyes closed81136 fantasy399 female915681 gown552 jacket10978 mare420282 microphone4514 miniskirt4766 mirror4734 my little pony1962 not sfm519 older23428 older sweetie belle1864 sequins29 singing5887 singing into microphone2 skirt35825 solo980631


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