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 While the writing is being done…have a little info.

So, storm creatures. I like the idea that they reinvent themselves under the reign of Tempest Shadow and most are more than happy to serve her heirs…Twilight Sparkle, not so much. She’s so scary! Storm creatures are still a bit feared by ponies but Tempest assures them that they were only following the orders of the Storm King. The dark purple pony is usually accompanied by two or three.

The one pouring Poet’s coffee was his wet nurse and is now his guardian. It used to swaddle him as a baby and it is now Poet’s front desk receptionist at his office. It usually comes with him whenever he goes out. I’m not sure on a name and it’s gender but it’s most likely a female (obviously because it once nursed the prince). “It” is the preferred pronoun for the species but they don’t mind other ones.

Momma Tempest is a tease. Her small son is fluuuuustterrred. Poet is usually pretty reserved but his mom knows what made him itch. I can’t really figure out how to finish this scene yet but hopefully it will be soon! Tempest is pestering her son about a certain somepony and Poetic Justice is too tired for this shit (even though he appreciates that his mom cares enough to ask him about his life). The two haven’t seen each other in awhile and Poet is always happy to see her.

Tempest is a unit. Poet is too but he didn’t inherit her height, lol. Twilight Sparkle was the shortest of the Mane Six next to Pinkie Pie before she ascended. I got to explore their relationship one day because most ponies in Canterlot are not fond of Tempest and her gaggle of storm creatures.

Poetic Justice needs some more love from me! He is my main dude after all lol. I like his character waaay more now than in the past. He was such a slag and his colors kind of sucked.
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