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Friendship Is Magic: The Next Generation begins thirty years after the birth of Princess Flurry Heart, and the story is… a bit darker and more complicated than My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic before it. It delves into the backstory around Alicorns, where they came from, why Discord is the only Draconequus, and who is the prisoner in the deepest darkest cell of the cosmic oubliette that is Tartarus…
(And admittedly, FIM:TNG does take some liberties with the events of MLP:FIM, mostly in regards to Equestria Girls and all episodes after and including The Cutie Re-Mark. That will become more apparent when it comes to the character bios for Sunset Shimmer, Flash Sentry, Starlight Glimmer, and others.)
Now, I have done this for years now online, but I think it deserves attention here: whenever I discuss a couple, I always use an ampersand "&" between their names, whereas with platonic pairs/groups, I use the word "and" instead. And also, I think we all take it for granted that same-sex couples in Friendship Is Magic headcanons can have kids. I mean, magic is a thing in this universe, and it’s not ENTIRELY written off that sex-changes could happen with magic. Or just, you know, other options with the magic to allow two mares or two stallions to have children together. Anyway, moving on.

Daybreak Dream, nicknamed "Dawn", daughter of Sunset Shimmer & Starlight Glimmer, half-she-demon and half-pony, and currently a teacher of Kindness and Generosity at the School of Friendship. As vicious as she looks, Dawn is actually very sweet deep down. She is very forward with her affection and loves giving/receiving hugs (she can hug with as many as six limbs without losing balance!), though everycreature around her can find her a bit pushy with that. She also has trouble telling when something she gives is something that she is supposed to give. Sometimes, it’s her students who end up giving her a lesson. She also really likes gems, even though she can’t eat them (no dragon genes, despite her mother Sunset’s wings).

Dawn got her cutie mark from shielding the much smaller ponies in school with her body from the rain. As she grew up, she’d spent most of her time in her pony form because she felt that it was much less scary than her demon form. Even though her eyes were still black, her horn still gnarled, and she was still as large as her mothers even though she was still a filly, Dawn wanted to be friends and make them happy. But a very bad thunderstorm blew in from the Everfree one day, and she threw caution to the wind by shielding all the foals in the schoolyard with her demon body. She summoned just enough fire to keep them warm and sang all the lullabies she knew until recess was over and they could go back inside. When they got back in, they saw that Daybreak Dream had gotten her cutie mark.
Dawn refers to both Sunset & Starlight as Mom. Sunset has a much easier time of telling which one Dawn is referring to at any given time, probably because of her enhanced empathy powers.

Daybreak Dream "Dawn"’s eye color comes from the hairbands her mother Starlight Glimmer wore as a filly. Her hooves’ color comes from Daydream Shimmer’s gloves. Her coat color comes from Snowfall Frost’s coat, and her skin color from Starlight Glimmer’s mane. Her mane color comes from Daydream Shimmer’s dress color, and from Daybreaker’s coat color. Her midsection comes from Daydream Shimmer’s mask. Her cutie mark is straight from the G3 pony Brights Brightly and was chosen for synergizing well with Sunset & Starlight colors.

The story of how her mothers came together is… complicated. Sunset & Starlight resented each other initially, Sunset because Starlight had brainwashed an entire village and screwed around with time and history, and Starlight because Sunset was a towering and frankly unpleasant-looking she-demon. Over time, though, Sunset warmed up to the purple Unicorn and Starlight grew to appreciate Sunset’s passionate nature. Eventually, they hooked up, and when they proposed to each other, they both snarked each other into the bedroom. When they wed, Sunset was in her she-demon form so that she could take her wife for a flight around the Canterlot mountains before returning for the reception. And obviously, for concern about their child’s size, Sunset in her demon form was the one who carried Daybreak Dream when they conceived her.

MLP:FiM © Lauren "fyre-flye" Faust / Hasbro
FIM:TNG © me
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