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Friendship Is Magic: The Next Generation begins thirty years after the birth of Princess Flurry Heart, and the story is… a bit darker and more complicated than My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic before it. It delves into the backstory around Alicorns, where they came from, why Discord is the only Draconequus, and who is the prisoner in the deepest darkest cell of the cosmic oubliette that is Tartarus…
(And admittedly, FIM:TNG does take some liberties with the events of MLP:FIM, mostly in regards to Equestria Girls and all episodes after and including The Cutie Re-Mark. That will become more apparent when it comes to the character bios for Sunset Shimmer, Flash Sentry, Starlight Glimmer, and others.)
Now, I have done this for years now online, but I think it deserves attention here: whenever I discuss a couple, I always use an ampersand "&" between their names, whereas with platonic pairs/groups, I use the word "and" instead. And also, I think we all take it for granted that same-sex couples in Friendship Is Magic headcanons can have kids. I mean, magic is a thing in this universe, and it’s not ENTIRELY written off that sex-changes could happen with magic. Or just, you know, other options with the magic to allow two mares or two stallions to have children together. Anyway, moving on.

Sunset’s original form as the monstrous she-demon Bellabog, Thief of the Sun. Bellabog did not have the cutie mark on her midsection fur, though, nor did she have such kindly-shaped eyes. I don’t have a picture drawn yet of Tchrnabog (as of 13 July 2019), but I imagine her to have a color scheme somewhere between NightMare Moon and Midnight Sparkle, with wings instead of arms and claws on her feet.

MLP:FiM © Lauren "fyre-flye" Faust / Hasbro
FIM:TNG © me
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