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Background Pony #1805
Nightmare Moon: reformed (now Queen Luna)
Discord: reformed
Sombra: died unreformed
Pony of shadows: reformed (now Stygian)
Lord Grogar: unreformed, mastermind
Tirek: unreformed
Cozy: unreformed, recently corrupted or fallen
Supreme Leader Starlight Glimmer: reformed (now Capitalist Starlight)
Chrysalis: unreformed
Trixie: reformed
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Amateur Mare
Alright i just did a new version:
Background Pony #3D86
No wonder these guys all lost…they spend so much time and energy doing that evil laugh!

One of the baddest bad guys of all never did an evil laugh, but he did admit that something he likes "…does put a smile on my face"!
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Comments25 comments posted