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Eveart13 :
For Nalaxsimba01’s MEP Call.

The change in pattern’s is a tiny easter egg. Search her channel to find out what it is.
Join the MEP if you can!
Alternative source.
Eveart13 / Eevee Miscellaneous :
For Nala x Simba’s MEP call.
There’s an easter egg here, go watch her channel to find it!
safe (1431081)artist:eveart13 (3)sci-twi (18843)sunset shimmer (50750)twilight sparkle (260923)equestria girls (159980)absurd resolution (61388)bowtie (7279)clothes (356279)duo (39224)female (761707)glasses (47087)grin (28094)holding hands (1918)lesbian (82017)lesbian pride flag (106)one eye closed (20427)pansexual pride flag (87)ponied up (4321)pony ears (1077)ponytail (13197)pride (801)pride flag (377)scitwishimmer (1927)shipping (164748)shirt (17227)simple background (291329)smiling (183587)sunsetsparkle (3980)transparent background (152082)


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