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Background Pony #C4FD
When are those bastards writing all this stuff going to realize that they have to do this already?
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Background Pony #0B0A
I’m starting to think that CrazyBrothers is submitting this "arts" with poor quality and effort in order to decrease the flashlight’ arts.
Remember some time ago, when most Flashimmer arts were only secreenshots?
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Goddess Erosia's avatar
Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
omg why are people ACTUALLY falling for this bait and starting real ship wars….

My god. The only thing we should be complaining about here is the bad edit job on this image.
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Phantom Rider's avatar
Phantom Rider
You are already booped.
I can’t get behind any Flash pairing because of the "non-character that just exists to be a love interest" factor. I don’t always ship, but when I do ship, I ship characters, not cardboard. (Timber gets points for being a full character in his own right, but… not a terribly likable one!)

So, I’m fine with the Twilights being the best princess/scientist and friend that they can be, with no need for a love interest being shoehorned in just because it’s unusual not to have one.
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le grand rêveur
The problem is not loving a ship and saying that it will be the only one possible.
is just not reasonable, otherwise it remains a source of conflict.

first it must come from the series. the comics themselves can offer interesting development.
(comics don’t have a guideline most of the time it’s fan fiction for fan service.)

Then the characters have developmental points that can bring them closer together.
(if nothing is close it is only a personal fiction that only commits the person to believe it)

then they met, they had an interesting interaction and they are bringing about this review.
(guideline line that can allow to hope for a development with at least a friendly relationship)

finally evoking their feeling of each other.
(there may have hoped something between them twists can still change the matche)

to finally formalize their relationship.
(end of the game other fan fiction has to accept it unless a new develop it’s over)

That’s how I see it.
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Background Pony #AA5D
Deletion reason: Rule #0 - you shouldn't have taken it to a bad place. Now you have to leave.
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Background Pony #2832
@Background Pony #3BDB
She may have boyfriend right now but their relationship is extremely horrible and I hope they break up someday. Flashlight has got to come back for good and it will happen. While I agree disagree with others opinions just because they hate this ship, it doesn’t matter what this series is about because it’s not just about friendship
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Background Pony #3BDB
Well for starters, twilight has a boyfriend, like it or not

I’m sorry but I honestly don’t think that that relationship is going to happen same as flash and sunset

That’s not what the series is about

Some People watch equestria Girls just hoping for a romance to happen, isn’t the series about friendship?

people being so immature and so disrespectful towards others just because they don’t like a ship is incredibly annoying

That’s definitely not the way to express their opinion
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Background Pony #2832
Who says this relationship is not going to happen? Flash and sci twi admitted they have feelings for each other in the novel series, hopes are the same thing will happen in the main series. As for flash and sunset getting back together, not a chance. Flash said he stay as a friend with sunset and she agrees. And original writers of this series maybe leaving but hopefully boulder media will take over and we’ll have new and better writers for equestria girls because I’m not giving up on this ship without a fight. I’m gonna keep fighting and supporting for flashlight no matter what
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