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Commission for @speedstern2022 with grown-up Spike and all the girls cuddled up Twilights old room in the Canterlot Castle with a beautiful sunset behind them. Thank you once again Speed for the great commission!
safe (1410731)artist:pastel-pony-pictures (73)applejack (145947)fluttershy (181841)pinkie pie (187040)rainbow dash (201632)rarity (155714)spike (67218)twilight sparkle (257060)alicorn (159428)blushing (151375)book (26519)bookshelf (2289)canterlot (3847)colored hooves (3061)cuddle puddle (269)cuddling (6941)dragon (36183)earth pony (142889)eyes closed (66620)featured image (692)female (744406)hourglass (262)male (252268)mane seven (4659)mane six (25866)mare (326148)older (17471)older spike (3484)pegasus (182657)pony (676033)pony pile (612)sleeping (18992)smiling (179704)spike gets all the mares (588)straight (107855)twilight's canterlot home (138)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100066)unicorn (196606)window (5854)winged spike (5104)


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