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safe1587459 artist:pastel-pony-pictures1 applejack159977 fluttershy199850 pinkie pie204499 rainbow dash221035 rarity171186 spike74491 twilight sparkle283960 alicorn199788 dragon48983 earth pony206157 pegasus247687 pony857587 unicorn274281 blushing178043 book30799 bookshelf3160 canterlot5190 colored hooves4696 cuddle puddle289 cuddling7747 eyes closed81508 featured image794 female1227893 hourglass307 male331059 mane seven5936 mane six29791 mare427401 older23432 older spike4547 pony pile678 sleeping21793 smiling218436 spike gets all the mares716 straight122424 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116288 twilight's canterlot home178 window7481 winged spike7429